Public Relations blog site assignment

Blogging in COM 309

Blogging is a unique way for anyone to write about anything that is a hobby, an interest or passion, or a profession. For public relations is it an essential tool of the trade. In COM 309 you will begin blogging on topics related to what we are learning in class.

For this assignment everyone will use WordPress. It is the most used in the industry, and most preferred by communication professionals. Because this is a blog related to professional topics, you will want to make sure that this blog is separate from a personal blog you might already publish.

Directions: Blog must be ready to go by Friday, January 22nd. WordPress is very user friendly, however, if you need assistance please let me know. Once you have your blog established please send me the URL so that I can follow your posts. You will be blogging throughout the semester over guest speakers, team presentations, and current public relations issues. Your “citizen publicist” days begin now!

Guest Speaker Posts: We will have guest speakers this semester who will cover the five major areas you will find public relations jobs: freelance PR, corporate PR, agency PR, government PR, and non-profit PR. After each guest speaker you will blog about the topic, mention the speaker, and external links to the content you are providing.

Guest Speaker Post Requirements: Information must be relevant to the presentation and type of industry speaker works in. You must have four full paragraphs, but no more than four. You must also have two external links (use appropriate anchor text not http://….). More requirements and instructions will be added to this throughout the semester. This should not be a recap of the presentation, although you will want to mention the presentation and the speaker. What you want to do is expand upon the topics introduced through the presentation. For instance, Lisa Cox, Public Information Office with the Springfield Police Department will be speaking in class representing government public relations. From that presentation you might want to explore:

Is this a growing field of PR?

What other jobs would be considered government PR? Explore this field.

What is the Sunshine Law and how does that affect PR?

What are the challenges communicating on behalf of law enforcement?

Has SPD been in the news lately and if so, what for?

These are just a few ideas, but you get the idea. The important thing is to start a conversation.

You don’t need an official “blogging editorial calendar” at this point, however, it would be a good idea to make a note of the blog deadlines that currently exist on your daily schedule. More will be announced in class.



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