Happy Mothers Day

To all the mom’s whoever you are…some have raised grand-kids and are both mom and grandma.  Some have adopted and those are the “chosen” children and then there are us mom’s who have the biological children and the mom’s of the blended families.  No matter who you are you are special.  We have a great job to do, like no other in that raising your “child” is a great task. God CHOSE women for this purpose and when he did gave us an extra ounce of patience, love and understanding…I think the patience was handed out in pounds rather than ounces myself but nevertheless, you, we are all special women.  So enjoy your day and hopefully you will be able to spend time with those kids.  To the mom’s of our military, God bless you extra today, as it is hard when they are deployed, the not knowing is the hard part so bless you and hopefully you, (we) will get  call today.

Now once mothers day is over, call me and lets find your new HOUSE!




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Happy husband, father and Papa

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